JAG provides the highest level of safety and security while providing the highest level of service. Verifying that every flight is operated to the highest level of safety standards is a company wide culture.Our dedicated team of experts sets the standard for aircraft management and industry compliance. Our management services include:

Accounting & Reporting

JAG’s Comprehensive Asset Management program manages all the details or you personnel requirements. Our process allows JAG to integrate payroll functions, employment taxes and reporting, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, general commercial liability insurance and health benefits. JAG will recruit, hire with owner approval, and train your crew. With regards to financial reporting, JAG’s finance team will work with you and your financial team to provide customized monthly reporting tailored to your needs in one monthly statement.

Our account management team's experience in aviation accounting and reporting provides the client with reporting tailored to your specific needs. They include but are not limited to:

Whether operating domestically or internationally there is always risk associated with every flight operation. JAG will assess your operational, regulatory, security, and financial risks to achieve greater safety and security objectives for you and your aircraft. We will develop programs to reduce the overall risk of operations to ensure the safest and most secure environment. JAG will develop and implement programs in the flight department such as an Emergency Response Program, Safety Management System, IS-BAO certifications. We will develop programs and a culture that promotes communication, safety and security for all members of the team.

Maintenance Oversight & Compliance

Our account management team's experience in aviation accounting and reporting provides the client with reporting tailored to your specific needs. They include but are not limited to:

Pilot's Benefits

Our dispatchers support the Pilot’s with much more than just the latest flight plan and weather information. An operational support team is flight-following your trip and anticipating the next steps, thus reducing hassle and stress for the crew, in air and on the ground. We help your pilots find the best deals on flight training, refresher courses, crew travel, hotel accommodation, crew credit cards and expense accounting, just to name a few. If you are the person in charge of the operation, we can provide you with in-depth analysis and any type of support required, all in a quality and process-controlled environment.

Safety is first and foremost at JAG. All of JAG crewmembers attend currency and regulatory classes on the airplane every 12 months. All crewmembers also attend training on aviation safety. Additionally, all our pilots attend International currency classes to maintain the highest level of proficiency in International Operations and Regulations. We hold our pilots to the highest standards of safety in all aspects of aviation.

JAG has an alliance with Jett Group, Inc. staffing and recruitment agency which will allow you to have some flexibility on the number of full-time employee pilots you will need to hire at the fraction of the cost of a full time employee. Many aircraft owners require an additional pilot during their busy travel times but can’t justify the cost of an additional employee for such a short deman. JAG can provide that additional pilot without the overhead of a full time employee. With JAG Ad-hoc crew services you have no training costs, benefit costs, salary requirements or any other costs as you pay a contract day rate when a crew member is needed. Covering a broad spectrum of aircraft, JAG can provide you with ad-hoc, on-demand, trip-by-trip crew member coverage to meet all your flying demands. The ad-hoc crew members are held to the highest standards on training, emergency procedures, security, operational experience and JAG Standard operating procedures. All ad-hoc crew members are vetted, background checked, drug tested, e-verified and are know crew members to JAG. JAG handles all the applicable withholdings and maintains the required employment insurances required.

Protection, Security and Confidentiality

JAG understands your needs for security and confidentiality. JGM has the ability to block your tail number from Aircraft Situation Display to Industry (ASDI) data and can further protect your privacy by utilizing JAG’s approved call sign for all flight plans in place of your aircrafts registration number. This allows your flights to be completely private and free from the public eye and public accessible data bases. If your plans take you to a location that requires additional security, JAG works with recognized and know security companies throughout the world to provide you and your passengers the additional security and safety for peace of mind.

Risk Management

JAG will assess your operational risk each and every flight by providing a Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) prior to release of dispatch. The FRAT analysis helps pilot’s identify the risk profile as they plan their flight. Factors such as type of operations, environment, weather, aircraft, crew training, crew experience and overall operating experience are evaluated by the tool and used to determine the risk potential of a flight. In addition to the operation risk, JAG will asses the regulatory, security and financial risks to achieve higher safety and security for you and your aircraft. We develop and update rigorous programs such as an Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and Safety Management Systems (SMS) that will improve your level of safety and readiness for any potential situation. All crewmembers will be trained on these programs as well as emergency training for in-flight emergencies.

Supplemental Lift

JAG has the relationships and resources to secure supplemental lift should you require air travel options in addition to or in replace of your own aircraft. With our relationships in the Industry, JAG can secure you a dependable, safe and exceptional jet charter services with our partners.