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  • Jett Aviation Group manages private and commercially registered aircraft on behalf of corporate, government and private owners across North America and Europe.

  • Owning and operating an asset such as an aircraft is vital to completing your business goals and objectives. While the benefits of aircraft ownership are numerous, safe and cost-effective management requires significant expertise.

  • A comprehensive aircraft management program by JAG is an ideal solution for individuals and organizations who own an aircraft. Our approach to aircraft management is designed to minimize the risk and the responsibilities of managing day-to-day operations of an aircraft and implementing all the technological platforms available to efficiently operate and manage your aircraft.

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Asset Management Overview

JAG Asset Management provides a comprehensive range of tracking and support services that allow aircraft owners the freedom to enjoy the all the benefits of aircraft ownership without the time-consuming management and operational responsibilities.

JAG’s dedicated team of aviation professionals will handle all the logitistics and day to day operational requirements of the aircraft while improving safety and lowering operational costs.

We are more than just an asset manager and scheduler. You just give us your schedule and we take it from there, it’s that easy. From the:

At the end of the month, you recieve a comprehensive and customized report that gives you all the appropriate information with regards to the operation your aircraft.

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